Starting a new business of your own can be exciting as you could be opening up countless possibilities. But, there are legal requirements that need to be considered and executed before you can begin a new adventure. Find out more.

Insurance is required by law for all business types. It is also extremely helpful if things go wrong for customers or even the property. People have the perception that insurance is pricy and are tempted to cut costs by ignoring the need for a policy. Check out other legal requirements.

Affordable insurance from a reliable company

However, you can still cut costs without risking your business as Salon Gold offer competitively priced insurance for beauty salons and yoga studios with their minimal costs for maximum cover promise. Get a free quote for your business.

Over 25 years has been spent in providing some of the best policies to hair salons throughout the UK, which is why they are so recommended today.

Some areas that the hair salon insurance covers:

  • Legal expenses
  • Treatment liability cover
  • Public & employers liability cover
  • Glass breakages

personal financesCovering all business costs

E-Commerce business will still need insurance, despite customers not actually visiting their ‘stores’. Business can actually benefit from insurance policies as they can act as the backup of the company. See: Benefits of e-commerce. Employers’ liability insurance is also needed as soon as you become an employer. Click here.

Manufactures that make their own products can be held liable it causes damage and can go against the product safety law.

However, if you don’t create your own products, but just sell them on from an industrial company, in certain circumstances you can be held liable for the dangers caused. Read more from Insurance Claim.

If a customer claims against the damages that were caused, your public liability insurance can cover all legal and compensation costs, which would help to save your business money.